Web Application Development – Web development using Javascript, Php and Css

We develop web applications using the popular Php framework called Symfony as well as reuse many of its components in other non Symfony based projects. All our projects are managed through Atlassian’s JIRA and the code is maintained on with Git versioning and stored on Github or Bitbucket.

When dealing with front end frameworks, our regular choices mainly stem of JQuery and Bootstrap. However, we have begun branching out with NodeJS and Angular JS. Some of the more popular frameworks are posted below:

Symfony Framework

A set of reusable PHP components and a PHP framework for web projects

Symfony is an Open Source PHP framework for developing web applications. It was originally conceived by the interactive agency SensioLabs for the development of web sites for its own customers. Symfony was published in 2005 under MIT Open Source license and today it is among the leading frameworks available for PHP development.


Laravel Framework

Love beautiful code? We do too. The PHP Framework For Web Artisans.

Value elegance, simplicity, and readability? You’ll fit right in. Laravel is designed for people just like you. Whether you’re a solo developer or a 20 person team, Laravel is a breath of fresh air. Keep everyone in sync using Laravel’s database agnostic migrations and schema builder. An amazing ORM, painless routing, powerful queue library, and simple authentication give you the tools you need for modern, maintainable PHP. We sweat the small stuff to help you deliver amazing applications.