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On average, 16% of all SMS exchanges in the world are with businesses. That figure does vary by region: the ratio is 22% in APAC, while in the US it is 12%, and EMEA registers at 15% – one in seven messages. 82,1% of respondents say they open every SMS text message they receive– Anna Sopova

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is more advantageous over email and has a much higher opening rate especially if you look at 89% of marketers employing SMS marketing finding it from somewhat to very effective, or more effective than corporate websites (64%) and display/banner ads (59%) – source

Setting up an SMS campaign is simple with the ability to import, create or manage contacts or contact groups. With your contacts setup you can send either individual text messages or multiple group or contact messages with a huge advantage of being able to interact with your customers as they reply back to the SMS.

“We offer first class support and training for all our clients who need website or web application support”

Connect your Current Application

We can connect your current web application or website to your SMS portal whilst following the guidelines laid out by the various SMS providers.

If you are not sure how to setup your application with full integration to the SMS portal then feel free to contact us with a detailed description of what you are wanting to achive by integrating and we’ll sort out a solution for you.

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What our customers have to say

I have used Keymedia for the last couple of years. Very creative work, and the customer care sets them apart – Its more important for them to have satisfied and happy customers than huge charges. Will recommend them to everyone! Thanks Michelle and Mark
Marilyn Overend, Futuristic Training

Short Codes

These are memorable 5 digit numbers used in print and broadcast advertising, packaging and a host of applications for customers to contact an organisation. Five-digit Short Codes or MSISDN numbers are billed at a pre-determined, advertised, and higher than normal rate.

Available on Cell-C, MTN, Telkom Mobile and Vodacom. Network operators have introduced a series of Short Codes with price ranges to suit any budget.

The revenue generated by using a premium rated SMS line is shared between the Short Codes owner, the mobile operator, and SMSPortal. The revenue share depends on the price band and the network.

SMSPortal Short Codes are only available for South Africa with a setup fee paid for in advance.

Short Code Keywords

Keywords are a powerful tool when teamed with a Short Code – it’s a unique SMS identity. Keywords are the words that your customers use to identify the product, service or request they’re interested in.

Used with a Short Code it’s incredibly memorable, and the keyword gives your brand great exposure. Consumers can easily make contact, improve interactions and generate leads.

The response from a Short Code number is almost immediate, translating to high returns and you never miss a lead.

Short Codes are only available for South Africa with a setup fee paid for in advance.

Did you know?

The top five reasons why consumers opt in to a brand’s text messages are: coupons or deals (77%), personal alerts (50%), being in the loop (48%), more meaningful content (33%), no need to visit a physical location/website/app for information (31%). 74% of respondents report an improved overall impression of businesses that interact with them via text messaging. – Source:

API Integration

Make use of our range of API’s to SMS-enable your website or application. Our API connections allow you to connect easily to the SMSPortal Gateway and give you the capability to send and receive messages from any application, instantly.

There are six connection methods available, and these integration methods give your business a platform to SMS-enable any of your applications, websites or systems.

Depending on the application, we have an API connection solution. Each has its pros and cons, but one of the team can help you make the right choice. Email us with your question or visit